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Compendium on methods and tools to evaluate impacts of, and vulnerability and adaptation to, climate change


GLYCIM is a dynamic soybean simulation model with hourly time steps. It predicts growth and yield of a soybean crop in response to climate, soil, and management practices by deterministic simulation of organ-level processes such as photosynthesis, transpiration, carbon partitioning, and organ growth and development.

Appropriate Use Farmers use GLYCIM for pre-plant planning decisions like the selection of cultivar/soil type combination, planting date, and row spacing, and post-plant decisions like irrigation scheduling, harvest timing, and yield prediction. The use of the model for crop management, decision making, and input optimization shows promise in increasing profits to growers and improvements to environment and groundwater quality. Amendable to the testing of management adjustments to climate variation.
Scope All locations; agricultural sector; site-specific.
Key Output Plant height, water stress, nitrogen stress, stages of maturity, water content data, yield, and yield components.
Key Input Requires daily maximum and minimum temperature, precipitation, and solar radiation data as input. Soil data are also required to execute the model (e.g., soil horizons, organic matter, and nitrogen content).
Ease of Use GLYCIM demands more data inputs than many crop models, but once data input requirements are met at the user level, it is simple to use.
Training Required Requires some knowledge of agronomy and soil science
Training Available Mississippi State University can provide training
Computer Requirements Requires an IBM-compatible 486, with 4K of RAM and 80MB.

Currently being used by farmers and several extension services in nine states in the U.S

Contacts for Framework, Documentation, Technical Assistance

Dr. James McKinion

USDA-ARS, Crop Simulation Unit, PO Box 536, Mississippi State, MS 39762 USA; Tel: +1.601.324.4375; Fax: +1.601.324.4371; e-mail:

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