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Compendium on methods and tools to evaluate impacts of, and vulnerability and adaptation to, climate change

Medrush Vegetation Model

Landscape-scale model of vegetation structure and productivity, hydrology and soil erosion. Simulation of structure, productivity, and water relations of Mediterranean vegetation using a mechanistic (process-based) approach.

Appropriate Use Applied to simulating the effects of recent historical changes in climate and CO2 in evergreen sclerophyllous shrubland.
Scope Regional applications
Key Output Vegetation productivity, vegetation composition, soil erosion, and hydrology.
Key Input Climatic, atmosphere CO2, and soil texture data.
Ease of Use Ecosystem-vegetation community expertise needed.
Training Required Yes
Training Available Not indicated
Computer Requirements Computer access
Documentation None identified


Contacts for Framework, Documentation, Technical Assistance

Ian Woodward

Centre for Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics (CTCD), University of Sheffield, Dept. of Animal and Plant Sci., Alfred Denny Building, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TN, United Kingdom.

Cost Not indicated

Osborne, C.P., P.L. Mitchell, J.E. Sheehy, and F.I. Woodward. 2000. Modelling the recent historical impacts of atmospheric CO2 and climate change on Mediterranean vegetation. Global Change Biology 6:445-458.