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Compendium on methods and tools to evaluate impacts of, and vulnerability and adaptation to, climate change

Local Climate Estimator (New_LocClim)

New_LocClim (Local Climate Estimator) is a software tool for spatial interpolation of agroclimatic data. It can estimate climatic conditions at locations for which no observationsare available and provides nine different spatial interpolation methods (IDW, kriging, Shepard, thin-plate splines, etc.). It allows users to optimize interpolation by investigating interpolation errors and the influence of different settings on the results. Users can also interpolate their own data and prepare grid maps at any spatial resolution.

Appropriate Use New_LocClim is appropriate for the preparation and investigation of agroclimatic maps from point to regional scale based on the FAOClim database or user data. The tool determines the average growing season as the period during a year when precipitation exceeds half the potential evapotranspiration. However, the user can also modify this definition.
Scope All scales, agricultural sector.
Key Output Climate maps at any spatial resolution of the average monthly climate conditions (8 variables). Export of data for further processing. Display graphs showing the annual cycle of monthly climate and the crop calendar.
Key Input Climate data (from user or from FAOClim database).
Ease of Use Relatively easy to use for qualified experts with appropriate background. On-line help is available.
Training Required No
Training Available None
Computer Requirements PC Windows 98 and above.
Documentation FAO. 2005. New_LocClim CD-ROM. Available at

All applications requiring climatic data. Agricultural planning.

Contacts for Framework, Documentation, Technical Assistance

René Gommes, Michele Bernardi

Environment, Climate Change and Bioenergy Division (NRC), FAO, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00153 Rome, Italy;

Cost No cost

FAO. 2005. New_LocClim (incl. CD-ROM), Environment and Natural Resources Working paper No. 20. Available at