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Compendium on methods and tools to evaluate impacts of, and vulnerability and adaptation to, climate change

Climate change and Environmental Degradation Risk and Adaptation assessment (CEDRA) by Tearfund

CEDRA helps agencies working in developing countries to access and understand the science of climate change and environmental degradation and compare this with local community experience of environmental change. Climate change cannot be addressed in isolation from environmental degradation as the two are very closely inter-linked. CEDRA takes a risk management approach to prioritizing hazards to address.

CEDRA guides users through developing their own adaptation responses and includes integrating Disaster Risk Reduction responses as relevant existing forms of adaptation. It also links with other related issues such as food security and water stress. CEDRA encourages participation of the local community in developing adaptation responses.

Appropriate Use Using CEDRA, agencies can prioritize which environmental hazards may pose a risk to their existing projects and project locations, enabling them to make decisions to adapt some projects, stop doing some projects or start new ones.
Scope Areas impacted by climate and other environmental change, whether these have “slow onset” or “rapid onset” impacts.
Key Output A completed CEDRA report making recommendations to amending an agencies project portfolio to “climate proof” it and implement new adaptation projects. Also a district or national adaptation plan. Also a district or national dissemination plan – to share findings with other agencies.
Key Input Agencies need to work with other agencies (e.g. NGOs, academia, local and national government, UN) in implementing CEDRA, to determine local, district and national impacts and adaptation strategies.
Ease of Use Minimal. However, experience of working in development is essential, and experience working in agriculture, water and sanitation, construction and/or community participatory approaches are beneficial.
Training Required Training is usually required. However, it is a structured logical process that can be followed by people experienced in working on climate change or environmental degradation adaptation.
Training Available Tearfund have developed a training course and are rolling this out including training of trainers.
Computer Requirements Access to the internet is desirable but not essential. Internet access would facilitate research of climate change and environmental degradation impacts – past and projected.
Documentation CEDRA is a document – a structured logical process.
Applications Applies to projects of all sectors.
Contacts for Framework, Documentation, Technical Assistance
Cost Free to download and use. Hard copies can be requested from Tearfund, with a suggested (not mandatory) donation of £10.