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Compendium on methods and tools to evaluate impacts of, and vulnerability and adaptation to, climate change

Climate Change Data Portal by the World Bank

 The Climate Change Data Portal provides an entry point for access to climate and climate related data and tools. The Portal provides access to comprehensive global and country data information related to climate change and development. The portal intends to serve as a common platform and flexible network to collect, integrate, and display climate change relevant information at the global scale.

Appropriate Use The WB Climate Change Data Portal is intended to provide quick and readily accessible climate and climate-related data to policy makers and development practitioners. The portal intends to support integration of climate change adaptation into development.
Scope All nations. Spatially referenced information.
Key Output More efficient means to evaluate how to apply and visualize comprehensive climate-related information to the design of a project or policy.
Key Input Historical climatology (CRU dataset from the University of East Anglia), climate projections from the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report and a high resolution Global Circulation Model(Japan MRI), socioeconomic data at a country level, natural disasters hotspots for disaster risk management, data in changes in crop yields under climate change for 14 major crops worldwide (IIASA), access to WB project and document datasets, Climate Risk Screening Tool ADAPT.
Ease of Use Low to medium
Training Required None
Training Available A User Guidebook is available on the World Bank webpage for the Climate Change Data Portal. (See link below).
Computer Requirements Internet connection
Documentation A User’s Guidebook for the Climate Change Data Portal can be obtained online at pdf-icon

 The portal and screening tool ADAPT have been used in the assessment of project vulnerability to climate change. TheCC Data Portal has also been used for capacity building and learning purposes related to the integration of adaptation to climate change into development plans.

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