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Nairobi work programme publications: Books, brochures, leaflets, eUpdates



UNFCCC publication




pdf-icon Assessing the costs and benefits of adaptation options (6066 kB)
An overview of approaches



pdf-icon Climate Change and Freshwater Resources: A synthesis of adaptation actions undertaken by Nairobi work programme partner organizations

Download low resolution version pdf-icon here (10849 kB) .

pdf-icon Assessing climate change impacts and vulnerability, (7678 kB) making informed adaptation decisions. Highlights of the contribution of the Nairobi work programme (final version)


pdf-icon Action on the Ground
(2361 kB) A synthesis of activities in the areas of education, training and awareness-raising for adaptation



pdf-icon Adaptation Assessment, Planning and Practice (5433 kB)
An overview from the Nairobi Work Programme on impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change


pdf-icon Action Pledges: Making a difference on the ground
A synthesis of outcomes, good practices, lessons learned, and future challenges and opportunities


Image pdf-icon The Nairobi work programme: the second phase (518 kB) , November 2008
Image pdf-icon Update on the implementation of the Nairobi work programme, December 2007
Image pdf-icon The Nairobi work programme on impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change, April 2007


Nairobi work programme leaflet on community radio


 PSI leaflet


NWP Community radio
pdf-icon English (1278 kB)
pdf-icon English low resolution
(212 kB)








NWP Private Sector Initiative
pdf-icon English (640 kB)

Nairobi work programme - Overview
pdf-icon English (559 kB) pdf-icon Spanish (1226 kB) pdf-icon Chinese (2123 kB) pdf-icon Arabic (3912 kB) pdf-icon French (523 kB) pdf-icon Russian (695 kB)

  1. Methods and Tools
pdf-icon English (1064 kB)
  2. Data and Observation
pdf-icon English (804 kB)
  3. Climate modelling, scenarios and downscaling
pdf-icon English (1176 kB)
  4. Climate related risks and extreme events
pdf-icon English (966 kB)  pdf-icon Spanish (1276 kB)
  5. Socio-economic information
pdf-icon English (752 kB)
  6. Adaptation planning and practices
pdf-icon English (800 kB) pdf-icon Spanish (1070 kB)
  7. Research
pdf-icon English (1162 kB)
  8. Technologies for adaptation
pdf-icon English (872 kB)
  9. Economic diversification
pdf-icon English (506 kB)



pdf-icon March 2013 (1049 kB)

pdf-icon November 2012 (532 kB)

pdf-icon July 2012 (266 kB)

pdf-icon March 2012 (136 kB)

pdf-icon November 2011

pdf-icon July 2011 (56 kB)

pdf-icon March 2011 (198 kB)

pdf-icon November 2010 (385 kB)

pdf-icon July 2010 (164 kB)

pdf-icon March 2010 (376 kB)

pdf-icon November 2009 (187 kB)

pdf-icon July 2009 (169 kB)

pdf-icon March 2009 (230 kB)

pdf-icon November 2008 (687 kB)

pdf-icon July 2008

pdf-icon March 2008



Printed copies of brochures and leaflets available from the secretariat

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Ms Alexandra Kriegsheim


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