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Adaptation postcard-calendar 2015

Natural solutions for climate resilience in cities: protecting biodiversity and ecosystem services in Rotterdam, Berlin, Rotterdam, Salzburg, Stockholm, Barcelona, Helsinki and New York

Nature offers a great potential for improving the quality of life of urban citizens and to increase the resilience of cities. Protecting biodiversity and the ecosystem services it provides within and around cities can help secure resources for the future, and turn our current climate challenges into opportunities to support sustainable development. Ecosystems provide numerous services, such as clean air, water filtration, flood prevention, noise reduction, food, water and energy supply, recreation, improved health, as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation. Urban resilience and sustainable urban development are dependent on sound policies and robust scientific knowledge. The Urban Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (URBES) project aims to strengthen the scientific knowledge on urbanization patterns and their linkages to ecosystems, and to translate science into action to build the capacity of cities to adapt to climate change. The project includes eleven top research institutes, in partnership with the network organizations ICLEI and IUCN, and the cities of Stockholm, Berlin, Rotterdam, Salzburg, Barcelona, Helsinki and New York.

Photo: Dagmar Haase

An electronic version of the full 2015 calendar is available pdf-icon here (17497 kB) .