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Adaptation postcard-calendar 2015

Climate resilient water, storm and waste systems in Malmo, Sweden

Many cities face water, storm and waste disposal challenges, including in relation to too much or too little water, and lack of infratstructure and/or other means for safe storm water and waste disposal, which will be exacerbated by climate change. The neighbourhood of Augustenborg in Malmö, Sweden, frequently  suffered from  floods  caused  by  overflowing  drainage systems. Augustenborg was regenerated  between  1998  and  2002 to build resilience towards addressing socioeconomic issues,  flood  risk  management,  waste  management  and  biodiversity  improvement. Sustainable  urban  drainage  systems,  including  ditches,  retention  ponds,  green  roofs  and  green spaces were implemented collaboratively by  the  city  council  and  a  social  housing company, with participation of local residents. The area is now more climate resilient - rainwater runoff rates have decreased by half, even withstanding heavy rainfall events, and the increase in green space has improved the image of the area. (City of Malmö, 2012). 

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Photo: City of Malmö

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