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NAP Expo
8-9 August 2014, Bonn, Germany

Outcome of SBI 40

Agenda item 7: matters relating to the LDCs

pdf-icon Conclusions (200 kB) include, inter alia:
- Consideration of the LEG work programme for 2014-2015
- Recognition of significant progress made by countries in the implementation of NAPA and support provided by the LDCF for this

Agenda item 8: national adaptation plans

Adoption of pdf-icon conclusions (237 kB) , together with an annex (co-chair's notes)



SBI 40 session documents

  • Report on the 25th meeting of the Least Developed Countries Expert Group. Note by the secretariat. (FCCC/SBI/2014/4)                                  
  • Experience with the application of the initial guidelines for the formulation of the national adaptation plans. Submissions from Parties and relevant organizations (FCCC/SBI/2014/Misc.1).

LEG technical meeting on NAP
Venue: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Date: 24-26 February 2014


Update on SB 39 and COP 19, Warsaw

Equatorial Guinea submitted its NAPA at the start of COP 19, thus successfully concluding the NAPA preparation process for all 48 LDC Parties.

The decisions that were adopted by the COP at this session and that are relevant to the LDCs and the work of the LEG, include:

The conclusions that were adopted by the SBI at this session and that are relevant to the LDCs and the work of the LEG, include:


LEG fourth regional training workshop on adaptation for LDCs for 2012-2013
20-24 August 2013
Siem Reap, Cambodia

The workshop targeted Asian LDCs. It was organized in collaboration with the GEF, its agencies and other organizations, including regional centres.

NAP Expo: launching of the national adaptation plan in LDCs, Sunday, 9 June 2013,
Bonn, Germany

Using the technical guidelines for the national adaptation plan process, the NAP Expo provided information on the NAP process and offer a forum for questions and answers, and the exchange of ideas.