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Fifteen years ago, the international community recognised the particular vulnerability of the least developed countries (LDCs) to the impacts of climate change. UNFCCC signatories created the national adaptation programmes of action (NAPAs) in Marrakech in 2001, a process to help LDCs identify priority activities to address their urgent and immediate adaptation needs at the national level— those for which further delay would increase vulnerability and/or costs at a later stage.

Designed to be action-oriented, country-driven, flexible and based on national circumstances, NAPAs and their projects are as diverse as the adaptation needs they are designed to address. After completing their NAPAs, LDCs can apply for NAPA project funding under the Least Developed Countries Fund, managed by the Global Environment Facility.

Now, all LDCs have submitted NAPAs. Many have developed and submitted funding proposals for NAPA projects, and are either implementing their priority projects or awaiting their acceptance and funding. These countries, and the LDC Expert Group (LEG) that has provided much-needed guidance throughout the process, have paved the way for the creation and development of other adaptation processes. Further information on NAPAs can be found at .

The LDCs are now building upon the NAPAs in the process to formulate and implement national adaptation plans (NAPs).”

This calendar features a selection of NAPA projects from around the world. Whether in rural or urban, landlocked, island or mountainous areas, these projects represent the first united step taken by LDCs to identify and tackle their most urgent and immediate adaptation needs.

Cover picture: A farmer gathering wheat in Afghanistan. Photo by UN Photo/Eric Kanalstein. Agriculture and food security are among the top priorities expressed in NAPAs. Other urgent and immediate priorities for adaptation to climate change include disaster risk reduction and early warning systems, coastal management and water security.

Click on the image above for a post card and case study for each month. The full calendar is electronically available here.

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The least developed countries (LDC) Portal provides links to information of specific interest for LDCs, including on national adaptation programmes of action (NAPA), the work of the LDC Expert Group (LEG), the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF), relevant LDC decisions and conclusions and frequently asked questions on NAPAs, the LEG and the LDCF
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