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Action Pledges


Framework of projects to integrate into policy, and raise awareness of the employment dimensions of adapting to climate change and foster international, national, sectoral and local trade union action on this area

Partner International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)

Date of submission 01/04/2009


ITUC Action pledge

ITUC submitted ths action pledge to the secretariat to identify and commit publicly to undertaking studies, training sessions and information sharing towards the objectives and expected outcomes of the Nairobi Work Programme.

The specific objectives of the ITUC action pledge are not to be considered as a single project, but rather as a framework of projects, which pursues the following objectives:

  1. Integrate the employment dimension into climate change policy making, including in adaptation planning;
  2. Raise awareness among trade unions about climate change impacts and its effects on employment and livelihoods as well as policy measures that could reduce these impacts;
  3. Foster international, national, sectoral and local trade union action on this area, in cooperation with other governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental institutions.
Action pledge updates 

ITUC Action pledge update

Further information

ITUC presentation at NWP workshop on increasing economic resilience to climate change and reducing reliance on vulnerable economic sectors, including through economic diversification
Cairo, Egypt, 28-30 April, 2009

Regional focus All regions
Sector Business
Education and training
Science, assessment, monitoring and early warning
Adaptation delivery activity Capacity building
Communications and awareness-raising
NWP work area Adaptation planning and practices
Economic diversification
Socio-economic information
Target group Communities
Policy makers

Organizations, institutions and private sector companies at all levels and in a wide range of sectors can become engaged with the NWP by becoming a partner and making Action Pledges. Information about how organizations can become engaged with work on adaptation under the NWP can be found here.