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Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER)



CER brings together more than 70 European railway undertakings, infrastructure companies and vehicle leasing companies, including long-established bodies, new entrants, and both private and public-sector organisations. In EU, EFTA and EU accession countries, CER members represent about 75% of the rail network length, more than 85% of the rail freight business and over 90% of rail passenger operations, with 1.2 million jobs directly created by CER members. 

CER promotes a strong rail industry that can form the basis of a long-term sustainable European transport system. 

Adaptation activities include:

  • CER has set up a working group on climate change adaptation to share experiences and collect data that can be used with political partners. 
  • CER is a member of the European Commission's Adaptation Steering Group.
  • CER is involved in a number of EU funded research projects assessing the vulnerability of transport infrastructure to extreme climatic events.
Further information
Regional focus Europe
Sector Transport, infrastructure and human settlements
Adaptation delivery activity Communications and awareness-raising
NWP work area Adaptation planning and practices
Data and observations
Socio-economic information
Climate hazards Flood
Storms/tropical cyclones
Operational scale Regional

Organizations, institutions and private sector companies at all levels and in a wide range of sectors can become engaged with the NWP by becoming a partner and making Action Pledges. Information about how organizations can become engaged with work on adaptation under the NWP can be found here.