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Action Pledges


Strengthening research on biophysical climate systems relating to biodiversity

Partner Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

Date of submission 01/11/2008


CBD Action pledge

The pledge responds to the sub theme stated in paragraph 3(a) (iii) of decision 2/CP.11 and to the need identified in paragraph 43 (d) of the report on the workshop on climate modelling, scenarios and downscaling (FCCC/SBSTA/2008/9).

The project will strengthen research on biophysical climate systems relating to biodiversity to reduce scientific uncertainties associated with climate projections and thus improve the quality of scenarios and increase the confidence of decision makers in climate and climate impacts information

Further information

CBD Climate Change and Bioldiversity

Regional focus All regions
Sector Oceans and coastal areas
Science, assessment, monitoring and early warning
Terrestrial ecosystems
Adaptation delivery activity Knowledge management
NWP work area Data and observations
Target group Practitioners

Organizations, institutions and private sector companies at all levels and in a wide range of sectors can become engaged with the NWP by becoming a partner and making Action Pledges. Information about how organizations can become engaged with work on adaptation under the NWP can be found here.