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Climate Resilience Centre (CRC)


The Community Enterprise Forum International (CEFI) is a non-profit development and knowledge-management organisation working towards ensuring sustainable and equitable development.  Based in New Delhi, CEFI works across South Asia directly and through partnerships with development stakeholders, including communities, governments, NGOs, international institutions as well as private sector counterparts.

CEFI's Climate Resilience Centre (CRC) is a step towards contributing to resilience building to climate change in South Asia. CRC will collaborate with multiple stakeholders in cities, peri urban areas and rural regions to develop resilient communities. It will draw attention to issues that need urgent redressal, will excavate information from knowledge labs to enhance adoption by practitioners, entrepreneurs to climate proof their operations, reduce adverse impact on people, premises and productivity.

Action Pledges

CEFI CRC has submitted two action pledges to the secretariat:

1. Tracking urban climate change hotspots across South Asia

Project purpose

  • Development of a platform to exchange research-based knowledge on climate resilient cities. Collaboration between
    research communities in the developed and developing world to enrich the availability and accessibility of knowledge resources while enhancing the absorption of knowledge in regular practice by the private sector; development agencies and public policy.
  • Develop community of practice on climate resilient cities – While urban populations increase in South Asia, the urban
    bureaucracy remains isolated from the wealth of research that should inform policy making. Simultaneously the research
    community is conducting research on various aspects of climate change impact, vulnerabilities and adaptation which is not easily understood or used by the community of practice. Developing the community of practice is an effort that aims to
    enhance organised sharing of knowledge and evolve methods for its uptake by the practice community.
  • Consolidation of a methodology for developing networks and engaging stakeholders in advocating and influencing public
    policy, specifically in the “cities and climate change” domain
  • Publication of e-fortnightly on South Asia Climate Change (SACC) Review

2.  Pilot initiative on climate change-influenced risk ranking of selective districts in India

Project purpose

  • Build evidence to prioritise policy action towards enhancement of climate variability linked adaptive resilience in India

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