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Environmental Development Action in the Third World (ENDA)

ENDA has worked in Africa for 35 years.  It is a fundamentally African organization, being one of the largest international African NGOs in existence, set up in 1973 and headquartered in Dakar, Senegal.  Its principal mission is to reduce poverty through improving the lot of African peoples while strengthening socio-ecological resilience. 

Action pledge

This Action pledge has been made by ENDA Energy, which works in the field of climate and development.  ENDA Energy shares the aspirations of the Nairobi work programme and pledges to undertake activities that contribute to the overall objectives of the programme.

The Action pledge aims to contribute to an enhancement of adaptive capacity and socio-ecological resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa through a series of interconnected field-based and knowledge management activities.

It contributes to the areas of work:

  • Climate-related risks and extreme events
  • Socio-economic information
  • Adaptation planning and practices

pdf-icon Action pledge (358 kB)

pdf-icon April 2009 (43 kB)

Action Pledge Update (September 2009)

ENDA provided updated information on their activities as a contribution to the Nairobi work programme publication "Action Pledges: Making a difference on the ground. A synthesis of the outcomes, good practices, lessons learned, and future challenges and opportunities".  The information can be found in Chapter 5 "Communicating climate risks," and also included:

Scaling up community-based adaptation actions
pdf-icon Communities and Climate: Building Local Capacity for Adaptation (207 kB)

Promoting knowledge sharing and learning
pdf-icon Contribution to Promoting Knowledge Sharing and Learning (141 kB)



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