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The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
SEI is an independent, international research institute specializing in sustainable development and environment issues. SEI's mission is to support decision-making and induce change towards sustainable development around the world by providing integrative knowledge that bridges science and policy in the field of environment and development.

weADAPT: Collaborating on Climate Adaptation
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The SEI is leading collaboration to develop a platform for climate adaptation, called weADAPT.
The weADAPT platform bridges emerging experiences in developing countries with the Nairobi work programme.

As both the weADAPT platform and the Nairobi work programme take shape, it is an opportune time to develop close collaboration with the UNFCCC.

The platform provides the opportunity to widen geographical coverage and deepen the level of understanding across the spectrum of adaptation advice. The collective platform can bring a large number of contributors and partners together to shape new, innovative and practical tools, and to build competence through learning by doing.

Action Pledge Update (September 2009)

The following was provided as a contribution to and is summarised in the Nairobi work programme publication "Action Pledges: Making a difference on the ground. A synthesis of the outcomes, good practices, lessons learned, and future challenges and opportunities"

Promoting knowledge sharing and learning
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pdf-icon Information pack (785 kB) on weAdapt prepared for COP 13 in Bali