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Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Climate Change and Disasters Group

New and innovative tools are needed to support the integration of adaptation into every stage of the development process, ensuring that the most vulnerable groups are central to the rapidly expanding climate change research and policy agenda. In particular, local level adaptation approaches must be linked to national and international policy. Equally, future international climate change regimes must be built on principles of equity, deliver dramatic carbon reductions, establish low carbon development pathways and provide funding mechanisms that reach the most vulnerable people.

IDS Climate Change and Disasters Group is building global capacity to meet these challenges through pioneering research and innovative knowledge partnerships.

  • Expertise: We link development research and policy agendas to climate change
  • Impact: We effect real change through our research and the way it is communicated
  • Partnership: We work through our strong network of developing country partners 

Action Pledge

IDS’ Climate Change and Disasters Group has an approach and strategy closely aligned to the objectives of the Nairobi work programme. The experience and expertise of IDS in convening and hosting ‘Networks and Knowledge Services’ on adaptation and development in particular includes clear overlaps and potential benefits to the programme.

The action pledge reorganises and repackages the IDS ‘Networks and Knowledge Services’ in a way that recognises and addresses a number of core needs and objectives identified by the Nairobi work programme. Furthermore, IDS proposes to partner the Nairobi work programme, via the UNFCCC secretariat, to develop a web-based portal for the Programme and its nine areas of work. This portal will help to further establish the Nairobi work programme as an ‘impacts, vulnerability and adaptation’ brand and provide a clearinghouse for resources on adaptation policy, planning and practice.

pdf-icon Action Pledge (111 kB)

In April 2009, IDS submitted an pdf-icon update (212 kB) to its Action Pledge.  This update also contains an outlook on future activities of IDS in support of the Nairobi work programme.

Action Pledge Update (September 2009)

The following was provided as a contribution to and is summarised in the Nairobi work programme publication "Action Pledges: Making a difference on the ground. A synthesis of the outcomes, good practices, lessons learned, and future challenges and opportunities"

Promoting knowledge sharing and learning
pdf-icon Promoting knowledge sharing and learning (984 kB)


IDS Climate Change and Disasters Group

IDS Networks and Knowledge Services on Climate Change and Disasters

Basic Network
Building and Strengthening Institutional Capacities on Climate Change

Linking climate adaptation network

Community based adaptation exchange (CBA-X)

Spider Network
Science and Policy Interface for Disaster Reduction

Poverty and Adaptation Seminar Network