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Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS)
GLIMS is a project designed to monitor the world's glaciers primarily using data from optical satellite instruments

Action Pledge

The Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS) programme, on first receiving an invitation to participate in the Nairobi work programme, suggested several activities that could be carried out towards the goals of the work programme. 

The work of GLIMS is relevant to the climate modelling, scenarios and downscaling area of work of the Nairobi work programme, which responds to the overall objective of promoting the development of, access to, and use of information and data on projected climate change.

With resources for logistical purposes (e.g. travel) and assistance with cooperative proposal writing, GLIMS could carry out the following activities towards the objectives of the Nairobi work programme:

  • Providing data, models, and views on glacier change and its role as a signpost of climate change as well as on the impacts of glacier change on human life, water resources, infrastructure, ecological habitat evolution, and biodiversity;
  • To assist climate modelers in the identification of gaps and deficiencies in climate models and in the identification of successful attributes of models;
  • To offer input to climate modelers in targeting the needed capabilities for downscaled regional climate models as they pertain to glacial activity and related hydrologic activity;
  • Brainstorming with other experts on the practical impacts mentioned above;
  • Working with some of these experts to model these impacts;
  • Working with economists to assess the cost of the impacts and costs/benefits of mitigation or adaptation to impending changes to the world's glaciers;
  • Developing improved ties between the regional powers to tackle cross-border problems created by changing glaciers.


GLIMS glacier database