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Climate Adaptation Tool (CAT)
Climate Adaptation Tool (CAT)

The Climate Adaptation Tool (CAT) was launched at a dedicated conference in September 2010 as the UK's first comprehensive tool to guide organisations through the full process of adapting to risks posed by climate change. It is a structured three-step practical tool for i) identifying and prioritising climate risks; ii) identifying and appraising adaptation options; and iii) auditing the performance of implemented options. Originally designed to support adaptive decision making in UK-based organisations, step one draws upon the UKCP09 climate projections to inform climate risk identification. This feature can be replaced with projections for other regions or form part of a broader set of future conditions to promote more 'robust' decision making. Risk prioritisation is achieved through conventional risk assessment, by assigning quantitative scores to the likelihood and severity of both climate vulnerabilities and opportunities posed to organisations at different levels. Step two assists organisations in identifying types of adaptive responses and provides a novel and bespoke multi-criteria appraisal methodology to assess the performance of different options. An optional cost-benefit analysis feature is integrated here to inform economic analyses. Step three builds upon the second in providing a framework to audit the performance of implemented adaptation options against multiple criteria. The CAT was commissioned by and developed with support from Norfolk County Council and the Norfolk Climate Change Partnership.

Appropriate Use To provide a complete framework for organisations in identifying and prioritising climate change risks, identifying and appraising adaptation options, and auditing those that are implemented.
Scope The scope of the CAT is very broad, applying to all organisations at different levels and all climate risks.
Key Output The CAT supports or yields several key outputs: i) climate risk identification; ii) climate risk prioritisation; iii) adaptation option identification; iv) adaptation option appraisal; and v) adaptation option audit.
Key Input User-specified climate risks and adaptation options.
Ease of Use Easy to use.
Training Required None.
Training Available None.
Computer Requirements Microsoft Excel 2003 or newer and Adobe Reader.

The CAT itself can be downloaded here.

The CAT guidance document which can be downloaded here.

Applications The CAT can be used to identify and prioritise climate risks in any organisation at different levels, identify and appraise adaptation options, and audit those that are implemented.
Contacts for Framework, Documentation, Technical Assistance

Rob Bellamy, University of East Anglia

Esme Holtom, Norfolk County Council, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 2DH

Cost Free

Bellamy, R. and Aron, H. (2010): Climate Adaptation Tool (CAT). Norfolk Climate Change Partnership.