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Stocktaking meeting on the work of the Least Developed Countries Expert Group organized in collaboration with UNDP in Bangkok, Thailand


Date: 9-11 March 2015

Venue: Landmark Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


Following up from the mandate, the overall objective of the meeting is to take stock of the work of the LEG. This will be addressed by the following:

  1. Assessing progress in supporting the adaptation needs of LDCs through the work of 
    the LEG;
  2. Sharing key lessons learned and good practices arising from NAPAs and other
    adaptation efforts in the LDCs and other vulnerable countries;
  3. Providing an opportunity for an exchange of views on the modalities used in
    delivery of support to the LDCs;
  4. Sharing information on experiences and lessons learned in the work of the LEG in 
    collaborating with various partners in implementing its mandates and work programme especially at the regional level;
  5. Exploring emerging gaps and needs in addressing adaptation building on current and
    future processes including on technical aspects of the NAP process.

The meeting will take stock of past support to the LDCs since 2001, in particular the last 5 years covering the current mandate of the LEG, while focusing on the future. The LDCs are transitioning from the preparation and implementation of NAPAs to the process to formulate and implement NAPs, in their efforts to address adaptation. New opportunities for funding now exist through the Green Climate Fund, in addition to the funding available for NAPAs under the Least Developed Countries Fund.


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