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LDC Expert Group (LEG)

The LEG was established by the COP in 2001.The LEG is requested by the COP to provide technical support and advice to the least developed countries (LDCs) on the national adaptation programmes of action (NAPAs) and the LDC work programme, and to provide technical guidance and support to the national adaptation plan (NAP) process.

The LEG meets twice a year and supports LDCs through a variety of modalities that include training workshops, development of guides, tools, technical papers, publications and databases, and by reviewing draft NAPAs upon request or providing direct advice.




Detailed work programme for
2017-2018 and previous work programmes including information on linkages to mitigation, technology, finance and capacity-building under the Convention
Support offered by the LEG to LDCs for NAPA preparation and implementation as well as information on the support offered by the LEG to LDCs for the implementation of the elements of the LDC work programme
Information on the LEG support to least developed countries for the national adaptation plan process
LDCF/NAPA projects, local coping strategies of communities that adapted to specific climate hazards, and more
All reports to the SBI on the meetings of the LEG
Enhancing technical capacity of LDCs to address adaptation through the NAPAs, the LDC work programme and the NAP process
Publications including the LEG  step-by-step guide for implementing NAPAs and the technical guidelines for the NAP process 
The LEG has increasingly mobilized other organizations to support the implementation of its work programme
The LEG is constituted of 13 Members including representatives from African, Asian and SIDS LDC Parties, and Annex II Parties.



 The LEG can be contacted at

The Adaptation Exchange