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Adaptation Committee - Expert meeting on livelihoods and economic diversification

7-8 September 2015

Additional resources from expert participants

As a follow-up to the expert meeting on promoting livelihoods and economic diversification, the Adaptation Committee invited expert participants to send relevant additional resources to be made available on this page.

Organization/Affiliation  Resource
Least Developing Countries
Expert Group (LEG) 
pdf-icon Sample process to formulate and implement NAPs (287 kB)
World Bank  pdf-icon Climate resilience at the World Bank - Knowledge platforms and online screening tools (5419 kB)  
Ministry of Trade and Industry,
Republic of Botswana
pdf-icon Economic diversification drive, Medium to Long-Term Strategy 2011 – 2016 (1663 kB)  
OECD pdf-icon Adaptation in national development and climate change planning (675 kB)
OECD pdf-icon Biodiversity and Development Co-operation (1414 kB)
UNIDO/GIZ EQuIP toolbox: Enhancing the quality of industrial policies
Ministry of Finance,
Republic of Zambia
pdf-icon Pilot Program for Climate Resilience - Zambia PPCR II (2246 kB)