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Adaptation Committee workshop on the monitoring and evaluation of adaptation

Information provided by participants in response to the three questions:

  1. Given the diverse set of indicators that currently exist to measure and evaluate adaptation, how can communities, countries and development and adaptation agencies build on a common understanding of success in achieving climate resilience?
  2. How can a framework be created that links individual assessments with national level assessments to broaden the focus from the means of achieving outcomes (individual interventions) to the desired end result (countries’ becoming less vulnerable and having more adaptive capacity)?
  3. How can results from M&E be reported and disseminated so as to ensure that they are fed back into the respective adaptation process but also to allow for lessons learned and good practices identified to be shared with the wider community of adaptation planners and practitioners?
 Name  Affiliation Responses to questions and additional information
Mr. Junnius Arifa Federal Court of Accounts, Brazil  pdf-icon Response (264 kB)
Mr. Edward Boydell  CARE Australia  pdf-icon Response  (263 kB)
Ms. Doreen Chipika Bwalya  Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication, Zambia  pdf-icon Response (345 kB)  
Mr. Mark Bynoe  CCCCC  pdf-icon Response (230 kB)
Mr. Piet de Wildt Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Netherlands pdf-icon Response (228 kB)
Ms. Marianne Karlsen  Ministry of Environment, Norway  pdf-icon Response (294 kB)  
Mr. Alvin Chandra and Ms. Shirley Laban  Oxfam Australia and Vanuatu 

pdf-icon Response (97 kB) Australia
pdf-icon PCVA toolkit (1096 kB)

pdf-icon Response  (625 kB) Vanuatu

Ms. Nicolina Lamhauge  OECD  pdf-icon Response (300 kB)  
Mr. Rodney Lui   SPREP pdf-icon Response (315 kB)  
Maman Ibrahim Mahaman 
Projet d’Actions Communautaires pour la Résilience Climatique (PACRC) - Niger Response (pdf-icon fr (454 kB) , en) 
Ms. Soojeong Myeong  Korea Adaptation Center for Climate Change  pdf-icon Response (297 kB)  
Ms. Rebecca Nicodemus  USAID, USA  pdf-icon Response (227 kB) and pdf-icon USAID's Global Climate Change Adaptation Pillar Results Framework (135 kB)  
Ms. Julia Olivier  GIZ, Germany 

pdf-icon Response (381 kB)

Factsheet National M&E of adaptation, German M&E system: pdf-icon federal (1304 kB) and pdf-icon state level (1746 kB)  Developing an adaptation M&E system for the pdf-icon Philippines (1297 kB)  Summary of pdf-icon webinars (407 kB) on adaptation M&E 

Ms. Winifereti Nainoca

Mr. Kevin Petrini 

UNDP and UNDP Fiji

pdf-icon Response (246 kB) UNDP Fiji
pdf-icon Response (246 kB)  UNDP

Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Reviews (CPEIRs): pdf-icon methodology, CPEIRs in the Asia-Pacific Region: pdf-icon what have we learnt?, pdf-icon Samoa CPEIR, pdf-icon Nauru Case Study (3745 kB) and a participatory video from Samoa

Mr. Patrick Pringle UKCIP, UK pdf-icon Response (331 kB)  and pdf-icon UKCIP's AdaptME toolkit
Mr. Bertrand Reysset   National Observatory on the Effects of Climate Change, France  pdf-icon Response (246 kB)
Ms. Christine Roehrer  CIF 

CIF Measuring Results
"Sharing experiences" CIF Measuring Results
Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) Monitoring and Reporting
Pilot Program for Climate Resilience - PPCR Monitoring and Reporting Toolkit
PPCR countries have recently used the Toolkit to establish baselines and expected results for 4 of the 5 PPCR core indicators. 

Mr. Albert Salamanca  SEI-Asia  pdf-icon Response (228 kB)  
Mr. Sachidananda Satapathy Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India  pdf-icon Response  (361 kB)
Mr. Chakra Pani Sharma  Ministry of Federal Affair and Local Development, Nepal   pdf-icon Response (303 kB)
Mr. Chan Kresna Tauch  Ministry of Economy and Finance, Cambodia  pdf-icon Response (220 kB) and pdf-icon Towards an effective M&E framework for adaptation (1375 kB)
Mr. Trevor Thompson Ministry of Agriculture, Grenada pdf-icon Response (235 kB)
Ms. María Saralux Valbuena López  Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies of Colombia  pdf-icon Response (289 kB)
Ms. Petra van Rüth  Federal Environment Agency (UBA), Germany pdf-icon German Adaptation Policy, short state of play (492 kB)

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