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Adaptation Committee - Workplan



The Adaptation Committee, at its ninth meeting, agreed to pdf-icon revise its 2016-2018 workplan (170 kB) to take into account the outcomes from COP21 with the overall aim of contributing to the global goal on adaptation as contained in Article 7.1 of the Paris Agreement, and the principles guiding adaptation action as contained in Art. 7.5 of the Paris Agreement.

The Adaptation Committee agreed to continue keeping itspdf-icon workplan (170 kB) flexible in order to accommodate next steps and time lines it is currently developing to implement the new mandates from the Paris Agreement.



The COP, at its 21st session, welcomed the workplan of the Adaptation Committee for the period 2016–2018. The workplan is contained in the report of the Adaptation Committee to COP 21 and can be viewed directly pdf-icon here (132 kB) .

The Adaptation Committee agreed to maintain the workplan flexible to take on new and emerging tasks, including those resulting from the Paris Agreement and the 2016 review of the progress and performance of the Adaptation Committee.

The COP, at its 17th session, requested the Adaptation Committee to develop during its first year a three-year workplan, which should include milestones, activities, deliverables and resource requirements, in accordance with its agreed functions, employing the modalities listed in paragraph 94 of the same decision and considering the indicative list of a activities included in the annex V, for approval by the COP at its 18th session.

In response to this request, the Adaptation Committee elaborated a three-year workplan, which was adopted by the COP as agreed. 

pdf-icon Three year workplan of the Adaptation Committee (142 kB)

In response to a request made at COP 18, the Adaptation Committee further elaborated the work referred to in activities 7, 8, 11, 17 and 19 of its workplan. The elaboration was guided by the Adaptation Committee’s desire to enhance coherence and synergy and to ensure that activities are not undertaken in isolation but instead build on each other as part of a larger workstream.

The Adaptation Committee identified the following three workstreams to organize those activities in a coherent way:

  • A workstream on technical support and guidance to the Parties on adaptation action;
  • A workstream on technical support and guidance to the Parties on means of implementation;
  • A workstream on awareness-raising, outreach and sharing of information.

pdf-icon Elaboration of activities included in the three-year workplan (128 kB)  (contained in document FCCC/SB/2013/2, annex II)

This elaboration of activities reflects a revised and more coherent manner in which the Adaptation Committee will implement its activities from the third quarter of 2013 until the fourth quarter of 2015.

It incorporates new activities on means of implementation and adjusted timing of some activities.



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