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Activities for the Adaptation Committee
As part of their discussions of modalities and procedures of the Adaptation Committee, Parties agreed on an indicative list of activities to be taken into account by the Committee when developing its workplan. Parties agreed on potential additional activities as part of their discussions on the National Adaptation Plans and the Green Climate Fund.
Indicative list of activities
  1. Considering relevant information and providing recommendations to the COP on ways to rationalize and strengthen coherence among adaptation bodies, programmes and activities under the Convention
  2. Preparing an overview of the capacities of regional centres and networks working on aspects related to adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change and making recommendations to the Parties on ways to enhance the role of regional centres and networks in supporting adaptation at the regional and national levels
  3. Identifying the process for and scope of overview and other periodic reports on adaptation issues relevant to the work of the Adaptation Committee
  4. Preparing periodic overview reports synthesizing information and knowledge relating to, inter alia, implementation of adaptation actions and good adaptation practices, observed trends, lessons learned, gaps and needs, including in the provision of support, and areas requiring further attention, for consideration by the COP
  5. Upon request, considering technical support and guidance to the Parties as they develop national adaptation plans
  6. Upon request, considering work in support of the work programme on loss and damage
  7. Exchanging information with relevant Convention bodies and others, including the Standing Committee and the Technology Executive Committee, on means to incentivize the implementation of adaptation actions, including finance, technology, and capacity-building, with a view to identifying opportunities and further actions for consideration by the COP
  8. Upon the request of the Parties, providing advice on adaptation-related matters to relevant Convention bodies, including to the operating entities of the financial mechanism, as appropriate
  9. Compiling a roster of experts on adaptation issues, building on the existing UNFCCC rosters. 
Potential activities related to National Adaptation Plans

The Adaptation Committee is requested to:

  • Consider, in its workplan, the relevant modalities for supporting interested developing country Parties that are not least developed country Parties, to plan, prioritize and implement their national adaptation planning measures, including through the use of the NAP modalities, and to report to COP 18
  • Include information in its reports on how it has responded to the above request and on its activities relevant to the NAP process, as per its mandate
Potential activities related to the Green Climate Fund
The Board of the GCF is requested to initiate a process to collaborate with the Adaptation Committee and the Technology Executive Committee, as well as other relevant thematic bodies under the Convention, to define linkages between the Fund and these bodies, as appropriate.