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Adaptation Committee


As part of the Cancun Adaptation Framework, Parties established the Adaptation Committee (AC) to promote the implementation of enhanced action on adaptation in a coherent manner under the Convention, inter alia, through the following functions:
  1. Providing technical support and guidance to the Parties;
  2. Sharing of relevant information, knowledge, experience and good practices;
  3. Promoting synergy and strengthening engagement with national, regional and international organizations, centres and networks;
  4. Providing information and recommendations, drawing on adaptation good practices, for consideration by the COP when providing guidance on means to incentivize the implementation of adaptation actions, including finance, technology and capacity-building;
  5. Considering information communicated by Parties on their monitoring and review of adaptation actions, support provided and received. 


LATESTCOP 21 appreciated the progress made by the Adaptation Committee (AC) in the implementation of its first 3-year workplan. Furthermore, it welcomed the report of the AC, including its recommendations and the workplan of the AC for the period 2016–2018 contained in its annex.

The Paris Agreement further contains a range of new activities for the AC, including to conduct a technical examination process on adaptation. In this context, Parties and observer organizations are invited to submit information on concrete opportunities for strengthening resilience, reducing vulnerabilities and increasing the understanding and implementation of adaptation actions.


UPDATE: Members of the Adaptation Committee

NEWpdf-icon Decision -/CP.21: Report of the Adaptation Committee (Advance unedited version) was adopted by the COP at its 21st session.

NEWPublications by the Adaptation Committee:


Thematic areas

The Adaptation Committee comprises 16 members including representatives from the five UN regional groups, SIDS, LDC, Non-Annex I and Annex I Parties, who shall serve in their personal capacity A full set of rules of procedure, drawing upon the provisions decided by COP 17, was approved at COP 18. The AC further elaborated on these, also taking into account a decision by COP 19 to replace the positions of Chair and Vice-Chair by the positions of Co-Chairs. At its 5th meeting the AC agreed on a set of revised rules of procedure.
As part of its three-year workplan, the Adaptation Committee agreed to produce thematic reports in 2013 and 2014 and a comprehensive overview report in 2015. Please address any questions and suggestions for support to the work of the Adaptation Committee to

Recent activities/documentation

The Adaptation Exchange