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Technical meeting on migration, displacement and human mobility
27 - 29 July 2016
Casablanca, Morocco


Under Action Area 6 of its initial two-year workplan 'Enhance the understanding of and expertise on how the impacts of climate change are affecting patterns of migration, displacement and human mobility; and the application of such understanding and expertise’, the Executive Committee invites UN organizations, expert bodies and relevant initiatives to collaborate with the Executive Committee to distill relevant information, lessons learned and good practices from their activities.

In this context, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) hold a technical meeting, on 27-29 July in Morocco, bringing together members of the Executive Committee, national and regional experts, representatives from international and United Nations organizations as well as the academic community.

Meeting webpage by the IOM >>>


pdf-icon Agenda (300 kB)   |  pdf-icon Logistical Note (1066 kB)  |  pdf-icon Concept note (503 kB)  |  pdf-icon Study tour note (633 kB)

Ms. Pepetua Latasi and
Ms. Shereen D’Souza
Executive Committee of the Warsaw International Mechanism
pdf-icon Technical meeting on Migration, Displacement and Human Mobility in the context of Action Area 6 of the initial two-year workplan of the Executive Committee of the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage (805 kB)
 Ms. Dina Ionesco  pdf-icon Setting the scene
Relevant UNFCCC resources
Inputs submitted by experts and organizations further to the call for submissions of the Executive Committee
Synthesis of relevant information, good practices and lessons learned
pdf-icon Pillar 1 (777 kB) : Enhancing knowledge and understanding
pdf-icon Pillar 2 (772 kB) : Strengthening dialogue, coordination, coherence and synergies
pdf-icon Pillar 3 (684 kB) : Enhancing action and support