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Chandra Bhushan and Vijeta Rattani (2016). Need for a globally supported agricultural insurance mechanism to address loss and damage in developing countries: Centre for Science and Environment
pdf-icon available here>>> (704 kB)

pdf-icon Proceedings (502 kB) of the Africa-Asia Conclave on Loss and Damage due to Climate Change
15 Oct 2016
Shamsuddoha, M., Munjurul Hanna Khan, S M, Raihan, S., Hossain, T. (2012). Displacement and migration from climate hot-spots in Bangladesh: Causes and Consequences
pdf-icon available here>> (5033 kB)
23 Sep 2016
Lavell, C. and Ginnetti, J. (2014). Technical paper: The risk of disaster-induced displacement, South Pacific island states. International Displacement Monitoring Centre
pdf-icon available here>>
2 Mar 2016
Monnereau, I. and Abraham, S. (2013). Loss and damage from coastal erosion in Kosrae, The Federated States of Micronesia. Loss and Damage in Vulnerable Countries Initiative, case study report. Bonn: United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security
pdf-icon available here>>
2 Mar 2016
Talakai, M. for the Secretariat of the Pacific Environmental Programme (SPREP) and GIZ. (2015). Loss and damage gap analysis from climate change.
pdf-icon Kiribati country report >>    pdf-icon Samoa country report >>    pdf-icon Vanuatu country report >>
2 Mar 2016

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