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Response measures models - NEMESIS
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Grande Voie des Vignes, 92295 Châtenay-Malabry cedex, Paris, France

Fax:  ++33 (0)1 41 13 16 67

Description of model

NEMESIS is a multi-country macro-sectoral econometric model which can be used for assessment of structural policies, mainly environmental and R&D policies.  It closely links energy and environmental policy to economic outcomes, making it a suitable tool for analysis of the response measures.  In particular it can be used to model the impacts of additional taxes on emissions or energy use.

The model has mainly been used for:

  1. assessment of short and medium term consequences of energy and environmental (air pollution) policies, R&D, technology-related and economic policies on EU economies and on the state of the environment;
  2. forecasting baseline scenarios for 30 years' time, including sustainable development scenarios.
Particular relevance NEMESIS is  relevant in analysing the socio-economic impacts of climate change mitigation policies, and  in particular technology related policies and taxation schemes.
Coverage EU27, USA, Japan
Model applications


Organization's main area of research Economic modelling.
Other projects / reseach  n/a
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