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Response measures models IMACLIM
IMACLIM (IMACLIM-S is the static version, while IMACLIM-R is dynamic)
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Campus du Jardin Tropical, 45 bis, avenue de la Belle Gabrielle, 94736 Nogent-sur-Marne Cedex, France

Tel: ++33  01 43 94 73 73

Fax: ++33 01 43 94 73 70

Description of model

IMACLIM-S is a static general equilibrium model designed to assess the macroeconomic impacts of a price- or quantity-based carbon policy. It is therefore particularly suitable for modelling the economic impacts of changes to tax regimes and emissions trading.  However, using abatement costs the model can also be used for assessing the impacts of regulatory changes or emission standards.

IMACLIM-R is a dynamic version of the model that is more focused on technological change. It is therefore also appropriate for looking at long-term technological solutions to climate change.

Particular relevance The IMACLIM model has been used for analysing the socio-economic impacts of climate change mitigation policies, for example changes to taxes and subsidies.  The model can also be useful in analysing international trade flows.
Coverage World, 14 region split for the static version and 12 region split for the dynamic one.
Model applications

IMACLIM working papers  (

Integrated Modelling of Economic-Energy-Environment Scenarios - The Impact of China and India’s Economic Growth on Energy Use and CO2 Emissions   - WEM and IMACLIM-R are coupled to assess the macroeconomic feedbacks of Chinese and Indian economic growth on energy and emissions scenarios (pdf-icon

Organization's main area of research Spatial economies, energy and climate change
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