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Response measures models GTEM
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GPO Box 1563, Canberra 2601 Australia

Tel: ++61 2 6272 2000

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Description of model

GTEM is a dynamic multi-region, multi-sector general equilibrium model of the world economy.  The model  can be used to analyse all key aspects of the Kyoto Protocol, including carbon sinks, the clean development mechanism, and international emissions trading, including the banking of emissions quota and market power.  It can therefore be used for assessing the economic impacts of tax and emission trading schemes and diversification among economic sectors.

Particular relevance The GTEM model is relevant in analysing the international socio-economic impacts of climate change mitigation policies (focusing on the Kyoto Protocol), including taxes and emission trading.
Coverage World, split into 66 regions
Model applications


Organization's main area of research Competitiveness of Australia’s industries.
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