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Response measures models - GEM-CCGT
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Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW GmbH), L 7, 1 D-68161 Mannheim, Postfach 103443, D-68034 Mannheim, Germany   

Tel: ++49 (0)621 1235 01

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Description of model

GEM-CCGT is a general equilibrium model designed for analysing the effects of multilateral agreements on climate change and trade. It is similar in structure to the PACE model and can be used in the same way to assess the impacts of response measures.  Its main outputs in such analysis would be changes in economic activity and example policies are changes in rates of taxation or energy-efficiency measures.

Particular relevance GEM-CCGT is relevant in analysing the trade impacts of climate change mitigation policies, in particular technology-related policies and the effects of environmental taxation.
Coverage World, split into 45 regions
Model applications

Carbon abatement and international spillovers - Based on simulations done with GEM-CCGT the authors analyse the effects of international spillovers on welfare implications for carbon abatement policies designed to meet a set emission reduction targets.

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