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Response Measures Models - VLEEM
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2 Avenue de Vignate, 38610 Gières, France

Tel: ++33 4 76 42 25 46
Fax: ++33 4 76 51 61 45
Email: B. Chateau,

Description of model VLEEM has been designed under a EU research project to support R&D policy decisions in the field of energy, in relation with sustainability objectives in the very long term, making it a suitable tool for analysis of the response measures.
Particular relevance VLEEM can be used for very-long-term analysis of possible technological solutions to climate change, with the main policy inputs being changes to energy-focused R&D.
Coverage World, split into ten regions
Model applications VLEEM publication (

VLEEM 2 Final Report - Contains a detailed description of the model, including results for energy demand and supply scenarios based in different research and investment patterns (pdf-icon report.pdf).
Organization's main area of research Energy consulting
Other projects / reseach n/a
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