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Workshops on synergy and cooperation with other conventions 

Espoo, Finland
2-4 July 2003


Two workshops were organized by the secretariat in response to a mandate by COP 6, and a mandate by SBSTA 17. Participants discussed ways to increase the effectiveness of activities with other conventions and multilateral agreements. International organizations presented their approach to promoting synergy between conventions. Representatives from Parties briefed participants on their national experiences on cooperation between conventions. Participants highlighted the importance of avoiding duplication of work and promoting cost-effectiveness, coherence and complementarity of the objectives of different conventions.

Report of the workshops

(PDF) Agenda     

(PDF) List of Participants 

(PDF) ENB summary report

SBI workshop on possible synergies and joint action with the other Multilateral Environmental Conventions and Agreements

Different approaches to addressing synergies among MEAs




Mr. Vijay Samnotra


pdf-icon UNEP Opening statement (95 kB)

Mr. Khalid Husain


pdf-icon UNDP’s Climate Change Activities: Synergies between Environmental Conventions (674 kB)

Mr. Avani Vaish GEF pdf-icon GEF approach to synergistic action on global environment issues (82 kB)
Mr. Jerry Velasquez UNU pdf-icon The UNU Inter-linkages Initiative (150 kB)
Ms. Annie Roncerel UNITAR pdf-icon Legal and Institutional Prescriptions for the Implementation of the 3 Rio Conventions (393 kB)
Ms. Maria Socorro Manguiat IUCN pdf-icon The IUCN Approach to Synergies and Cooperation between Conventions: A Sampler (92 kB)
Mr. Nick Davidson Ramsar Convention on Wetlands  pdf-icon The Ramsar Convention and Synergies with other Conventions (2117 kB)  
Mr. Carlos Corvalan WHO pdf-icon Global Environmental Change and Human Health: Biodiversity, Climate and Desertification (37 kB)  

Biological diversity perspectives




Mr. David Cooper


pdf-icon Biological Diversity Perspectives (1073 kB)

Desertification perspectives




Mr. Gregoire de Kalbermatten


Promoting Synergies at National Level - the UNCCD Experience (pdf-icon presentation (71 kB) and pdf-icon statement (136 kB) )

SBSTA workshop on cooperation with other conventions

Presentations by participants on national experiences




Mr. Suhel al-Janabi


pdf-icon Global Environmental Conventions - Synergies and Coordination in German Technical Cooperation (729 kB)

Ms. Virginia Sena


pdf-icon Uruguay’s Efforts to address Synergies among the Conventions (73 kB)
Ms. Gisela Alonso Dominguez Cuba pdf-icon Cuba's National Experience with Synergies (347 kB)
Ms. Outi Berghall Finland pdf-icon National Efforts to Increase Cooperation and Synergies between MEAs in Finland (103 kB)
Mr. Rawson Piniel Yonazi Tanzania pdf-icon Addressing National-level Synergies: Tanzania´s Experience (60 kB)
Mr. Tibor Faragó and Ms. Dora Kulauzov  Hungary pdf-icon Reinforcing the Synergies of the Rio Conventions (94 kB)

Panel discussions on cross-cutting areas under the three Rio conventions




Mr. Jerry Velasquez UNU pdf-icon Technology Transfer, Education and Outreach and Capacity Development (234 kB)
Mr. Vijay Samnotra UNEP pdf-icon Harmonization of Information Management and Reporting for Biodiversity - Related Treaties (126 kB)
Mr. Avani Vaish GEF pdf-icon Impacts and Adaptation - GEF’s Evolving Approach (86 kB)
Mr. William Westermeyer GCOS Secretariat pdf-icon Research and systematic observation: Global Climate Observing System (200 kB)

Background documents