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Workshop on insurance and risk assessment in the context of climate change and extreme weather events

12-13 May 2003
Bonn, Germany


The Conference of the Parties (COP), by its decision 5/CP.7, requested the secretariat to organize a workshop on insurance and risk assessment in the context of climate change and extreme weather events. Discussions and the exchange of information at the workshop covered the following main issues: Overview of insurance and risk assessment in the context of climate change and extreme weather events; the perspectives on risk assessment methodologies provided by the Third Assessment Report of the IPCC; Insurance industry perspectives; National and international approaches to managing and insuring against natural disaster risks; Public–private partnerships; and insurance and adaptation/maladaptation to climate change.

Report of the workshop

Background paper

  • Insurance-related actions and risk assessment in the context of the UNFCCC by Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer, M.J. Mace and Roda Verheyen (pdf-icon Background paper)

(PDF) Agenda           

(PDF) List of Participants           



Party/ Organization


Mr. Thomas Loster Munich Re and Chair of UNEP Finance Initiatives' Climate Change Working Group

pdf-icon Private (Re)Insurance: Facts and notes (67 kB)

Ms. Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis  pdf-icon Overview on insurance and risk assessment for extreme weather events (168 kB)
Mr. Andrew Dlugolecki Andlug Consulting pdf-icon The IPCC context and risk assessment methodologies (109 kB)
Mr. Mizan Khan Bangladesh pdf-icon Climate Risks and Microinsurance: The Case of Bangladesh (143 kB)
Mr. Herman Semes Jr. Federated States of Micronesia pdf-icon Impacts and management of extreme weather events in the Federated States of Micronesia (1501 kB)
Mr. David Crichton Middlesex University and University College London pdf-icon Insurance and maladaptation to climate change (124 kB)
Mr. Vijay Kalavakonda World Bank pdf-icon Dealing with Natural Disaster Risks - Institutions and Products (308 kB)
Mr. Andrew Dlugolecki  Andlug Consulting pdf-icon Current experience with weather hazards: an insurance industry view (116 kB)
Mr. Ian Burton Independent Scholar and Consultant pdf-icon Bringing together adaptation to climate change and insurance: How to improve adaptation and extend insurance availability (49 kB)
Mr. Jiahua Pan China pdf-icon Insurance for climate change related risks from a Chinese perspective (95 kB)
Mr. Kamal Kishore UNDP pdf-icon A climate risk management approach to adaptation to climate change and disaster reduction (801 kB)