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Workshop on local coping strategies and technologies for adaptation

12-13 November 2003
New Delhi, India


A workshop on local coping strategies and technologies for adaptation to climate change was held in New Delhi in November 2003 as part of the Climate Change Bazaar and Conferences organized by the Government of India.  The objective was to exchange information on regional and local coping strategies and indigenours technologis currently in use to address current climate, climate variability, extremes and long-term climate change.

Report on the workshop on local coping strategies and technologies for adaptation

(PDF) Agenda

(PDF) List of Participants   


Exchange of experience on local coping strategies and technologies

Overview and cross-cutting issues




Mr. John Harding


pdf-icon Community Coping Strategies - Integrating all of the factors of disaster risk (566 kB)

Mr. Bruce Hewitson

University of Cape Town

pdf-icon Impact of climate scenarios on vulnerability and coping (3806 kB)

Mr. Anand Patwardhan Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay pdf-icon Climate risk and adaptation: importance of local coping strategies (145 kB)
Mr. Selvaraju Ramasamy Tamil Nadu Agricultural University  pdf-icon Building socio-biophysical resilience: learning from smallholder farming community for
(588 kB)
Mr. Barry Smit   University of Guelph  pdf-icon Current coping strategies and adaptation to climate change (3561 kB)
Ms. Ko Barrett USA pdf-icon Mobilizing adaptation at the local level: the US approach (504 kB)
Mr. Thinley Namgyel  Bhutan pdf-icon Local coping strategies and technologies for adaptation to climate change: Bhutan (566 kB)

Drought and aridity




Mr. Sanjoy Bandyopadhyay


pdf-icon Coping strategy and vulnerability reduction to climate extremes (313 kB)

Ms. Valentina Idrissova Kazakhstan pdf-icon Local strategies to cope with climate variability and droughts in current agricultural practices in Kazakhstan (334 kB)
Mr. Mohammad Reza Mazandarani Haeri Centre for Sustainable Development, Iran pdf-icon Qanat, a technology for harvesting ground water (3931 kB)
Mr. Patrick Mushove ERMAL Natural Resources Consultancy, Zimbabwe  pdf-icon Local level coping strategies to reduce impacts of droughts in southern Africa (120 kB)
Mr. Anthony Nyong University of Jos, Nigeria pdf-icon Livelihood strategies among poor rural households to cope with droughts in Northern Nigeria (262 kB)

Floods, cyclones and tropical storms




Mr. Ahsan Uddin Ahmed

BUP Center for Water and Environment, Bangladesh

pdf-icon Observed adaptations during moderate and high-intensity floods in Bangladesh (1354 kB)

Mr. Suppakorn Chinvanno START Regional Center, Thailand pdf-icon Increasing flood risk in the lower Mekong river region and direction for future adaptation (483 kB)
Mr. Paul V. Desanker Penn State University/Miombo Network pdf-icon Community level coping strategies for  floods in Southern Africa (64 kB)
Ms. Lourdes Tibig Philippines pdf-icon Local coping strategies and local coping strategies and technologies for adaptation
in the in the Philippines
(1769 kB)
Mr. Samrat Sengupta WWF, India pdf-icon Adverse impacts of climate change: Perception and responses of local community - Sunderban Delta (733 kB)


(PDF) Bhutan
(PDF) Colombia
(PDF) India 
(PDF) Iran
(PDF) Japan
(PDF) United Kingdom
(PDF) Uzbekistan