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Paris Climate Change Conference - November 2015

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The third round of Multilateral Assessment completed in Paris

The third working group session of the multilateral assessment process was held at SBI 43 on 1st December 2015 in Paris. Belarus and Kazakhstan were assessed during this session.

With this, the first round of the international assessment and review (IAR) process was successfully completed. In total, 43 developed country Parties were multilaterally assessed in the period 2014-2015. This process enabled Parties to discuss the progress made by developed country Parties towards achieving their quantified economy-wide emission reduction targets and to better understand, in an open and transparent manner, the mitigation actions taken by developed countries in combating climate change as well as their ambition and challenges.

Parties actively engaged in discussions in a constructive atmosphere which is critical for building trust and keeping the positive momentum for future rounds of the IAR. To view the compiled questions and answers for Belarus and Kazakhstan, which were multilaterally assessed during the third session, please go to the individual Party page. The Party record pages for these two Parties will be completed two months after the multilateral assessment session in accordance with the modalities and procedures.

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Implementation Updates

Mali accepted Doha Amendment
Mali deposited its instrument of acceptance of the Doha amendment to the Kyoto Protocol on 7 December 2015. The amendment is expected to enter into force after three quarters of the Parties to the Protocol submit their instruments of acceptance to the Depositary. The United Nations is encouraging governments to speed up their ratification of the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, the international emissions reduction treaty. To date, 59 Parties have accepted the extension and 144 are required to bring it into force.

 image Improving rural lives with electricity
Bonn, 24 July 2015
Improving the lives of people without access to electricity is the motivation behind a new standard adopted by the CDM Executive Board at its 85th meeting. The Board also improved existing regulations governing water purification and clean cookstove projects under the CDM.
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Previous Implementation Updates

From the Podium
COP21/CMP11 Meeting of the COP21/CMP11 Bureau on 11 February 2016
11 February 2016
At the Meeting of the COP21/CMP11 Bureau on 11 February 2016, H.E. Mr. Laurent Fabius, President of COP 21/CMP 11, gave his reflections on the Paris Conference and implications for 2016, to the members of the Bureau of the COP21/CMP11.
To read the excerpts of remarks by the President of COP 21/CMP 11, pdf-icon click here (176 kB) .
Closing day of COP21/CMP11 Closing of the Paris Climate Change Conference - November 2015
13 December 2015
The closing of the twenty-first session of the Conference of the Parties (COP) and the eleventh session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP), taken place from 30 November to 11 December 2015, in Paris Le Bourget, France, was honoured by the presences of President of the Republic of France, H.E. President Francois Hollande, UN Secretary-General, H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, President of the COP 21/CMP 11, H.E. Mr. Laurent Fabius. Welcoming the progress made at the Paris Conference, which included the adoption of the landmark Paris Agreement, Minister Fabius extended his heartfelt gratitude to all delegates who made concerted efforts to achieve this outcome guided by the UNFCCC negotiation principles of openness, transparency, and inclusiveness in a Party-driven manner.

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News of the Convention and Protocol Bodies

Other meetings
image Second meeting of the Executive Committee of the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage associated with Climate Change Impacts
Bonn, Germany
2-5 February 2016
Meeting information and documents are available online.
More information
image 9th meeting of the Adaptation Committee
Bonn, Germany
1-3 March 2016
Meeting information and documents are available online.
More information

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COP 21 / CMP 11 Host country website
Latest Documents
Japan. Status report of the annual inventory of Japan.
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Summary report on the technical analysis of the first biennial update report of Peru submitted on 20 December 2014.
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Summary report on the technical analysis of the first biennial update report of the Republic of Korea submitted on 29 December 2014.
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Summary report on the technical analysis of the first biennial update report of Azerbaijan submitted on 31 March 2015.
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Summary report on the technical analysis of the first biennial update report of Brazil submitted on 31 December 2014.
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Upcoming Meetings
16 - 18 Feb 2016
Meeting of the 74th CDM Accreditation Panel

22 - 24 Feb 2016
CGE regional training workshop for the African region on the preparation of BURs

29 Feb - 5 Mar 2016
13th meeting of GHG Inventory Lead Reviewers and 3rd Meeting of BR Lead Reviewers

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